Costume Notes: DAN Yusuke Kitagawa (P5 )

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 Completed: August 2017

Hours Spent: Under 5

Debuted: A-Fest 2017

Why This Costume: P5 took over my life in 2017. I love everything about this absurd game, and I’m so glad I was able to drag Koholint into fandom hell with me. AdventTraitor Cosplay is also a huge fan of the game, and we decided to be ridiculous garbage and make the DAN outfits of our favorite boys for evening costumes.

Purchased Pieces: 

Patterns Used: 

When you and your friends are garbage and all buy light up shoes.

How I Made it: 

This was mostly a purchase/closet build. The only things I made were the leggings and headband. The leggings were made with my go-to leggings pattern, which took about an hour to sew start to finish. The headband was pretty much sewn as an infinity scarf reduced down to match my head measurements. It took maybe 30 minutes or so to make.

I initially planned to do a full crossplay of this costume, but decided last minute to just do a fem!Yusuke since I didn’t allow enough time to practice full crossplay makeup before A-Fest. Now that I have a binder, I might try for real!


Thoughts on this build: 

This was such a dumb build and I love it so much. We took so many stupid photos. I had hoped to do a shoot with Koholint and AdventTraitor at Round One after A-Fest, but I wound up missing due to a scheduling conflict. One day I’ll take proper pictures of my ridiculous lobster boy!

Praise dat Akechi booty. Cosplayers left to right: me, AdventTraitor, Jinxie Cosplay, & Koholint Cosplay.

Do you have a favorite silly costume? Feel free to share it below!

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