Mabel #2: All About that Bass

Say hello to Mabel #2! The Basics:  Pattern: Colette Mabel, version 3. Fabric: Approximately 1 yd. of navy ponte de roma leftover from my first Lady Skater. Alterations: Added 1″ length Notions: Thread and Wundertape. Make it again?: Definitely. I'd like to make 1-2 more of these for work and the mini version for fun at some point. Maybe out of … Continue reading Mabel #2: All About that Bass

Colette Sorbetto (or, my battle with FBAs)

Early in the summer, I finally caved and admitted that I needed to learn how to do a full-bust adjustment (FBA). For those of you who aren't aware, most pattern companies (especially the Big 4) draft patterns with a B cup in mind. If you're larger or smaller, chances are that you'll need to adjust … Continue reading Colette Sorbetto (or, my battle with FBAs)

May Challenge: Maybe it’s Mabel(ine)

Remember back in March/April when Colette announced they were releasing knit patterns? I squealed with joy. I was looking for an excuse to play with knits more. This is partly out of a desire to build a more functional wardrobe, but also so that I could practice using my serger for something other than finishing seams. … Continue reading May Challenge: Maybe it’s Mabel(ine)