Fandom Friday: Favorite Halloween Episodes of TV Shows


Happy Friday! It’s been a little while since I participated in one of these. With Halloween just around the corner, I’m in the mood for all things Halloween. Here are a few of my favorite Halloween episodes of TV shows:

97tTMBuffy the Vampire Slayer: I like almost all of the Halloween episodes of Buffy, but my favorite has to be Fear, Itself. In this episode, the Scoobies (most of them, anyway), are trapped in a frat house and a demon feeds on their individual fears. There are some great moments here, including Anya in a bunny suit, ala A Christmas Carol, and Giles wearing a sombrero.

tumblr_ll9s5pb57r1qbgx8ao1_500Angel: I adore Lorne-centric episodes, and Life of the Party is one of my favorites. Lorne has his sleep removed in order to plan an office party to smooth over Angel’s transition into the big boss, and as a result, he winds up suppressing his empathic subconscious, resulting in all sorts of out of character behavior for the main cast. Favorite moments include: Angel and Eve getting it on in the office, “drunk” Fred and Wesley, and dancing Spike.

tumblr_n7phxq5oHY1tfr7zvo2_500Bob’s Burgers: Again, I like almost every Halloween episode of Bob’s Burgers, but my favorite has to be Fort Night. In this episode, the Belcher kids get trapped in their makeshift fort with some of their friends, and their classmate, Millie, refuses to get help after Louise insults her. Meanwhile, Bob and Linda are rushing to finish a Chinese dragon costume for the kids for trick-or-treating. The kids’ escape plans are hilarious, and the guest stars Aziz Ansari and Sarah and Laura Silverman give some great performances.


Parks and Recreation: I debated this one. Parks Halloween episodes are pretty solid. Halloween Surprise has a lot of great moments (including Ben’s proposal to Leslie) and Recall Vote had Ben and Leslie in fabulous Princess Bride costumes (made by Castle Corsetry!). But my favorite is Greg Pikitis. This episode really helps push the show in a new direction after a fairly rough start. In it, Ann throws a Halloween party that’s not going well, but starts picking up when Tom arrives and turns the place into a dance party. Leslie’s “arch-nemesis”, Greg, is introduced as well. Some of my favorite parts from this episode include Leslie’s overall insanity geared towards Greg (tee-peeing Leslie is fantastic), Raggedy Ann, and Louis C.K.’s guest appearance.

anigif_enhanced-buzz-3720-1440245432-5How I Met Your Mother: Again, I debated this one. Ultimately, I decided on The Slutty Pumpkin Returns. After years of searching, Ted finally locates the girl who wore the Slutty Pumpkin costume in the first season of the show, and they begin dating, only to realize they have zero chemistry in hilarious fashion. Meanwhile, pregnant Lilly is convinced she and Marshall must move to the suburbs. We also find out that Barney is one-quarter Canadian, much to Robyn’s delight. Some of my favorite moments include: Ted having a hard time figuring out how to hold Naomi’s (the Slutty Pumpkin) hand, Lilly handing out a stapler to trick-or-treaters, and Barney going to a rooftop Halloween party in an American themed boxing outfit.

What are some of your favorite Halloween episodes of TV shows? Check out more responses by following the hashtag #5fandomfriday or #fandom5 on Twitter.

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