TIP – A Midsummer night’s dream

Long time, no post! Blogs might be somewhat out of fashion now, but I still enjoy seeing posts pop up from time to time. I’m currently working on some restructuring around this site and will likely keep my cosplay build information housed in the Portfolio section and use the blog for more informal posting (think WIPs, stream of consciousness, life updates, etc.)

I mentioned in The Romantic Tutu post that I’ve been making some new projects for homework, but I failed to mention why I had homework; in Spring 2021, I started on a Master’s in Theatre with a focus in Costume Design. This is a move I’ve contemplated for years and with pandemic con cancellations throwing cosplay plans out the window, I thought pursuing this goal would be a good use of my time (thank you, online classes). I can only take a small number of hours per semester while working full-time and still taking commissions, but I’m thoroughly enjoying my courses!

One of my course requirements is to take a practicum doing some form of theatre work for forty hours over the course of the semester. Last semester, I reached out to the costume shop coordinator at my workplace to see if she needed help for any productions. After a brief chat, she put me to work on the Fall 2021 production of Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. This production reimagined the bard’s classic comedy and placed it in the “Summer of Love” – aka the late 60s. We had a VERY tight turnaround for this production – close to 3 weeks, but a solid half of one of those weeks was taken up by closures for the Thanksgiving holiday.

Actors on stage. A man lays on the floor for a death scene while the actor playing Thisbe kneels above him.
Thisbe dramatically mourns the loss of her lover, Pyramis. From DigitalCommons@Collin.

I was primarily responsible for Thisbe’s bustier as well as the Lion, and I assisted with the dye process for Wall along with a few other tasks. It’s been fascinating to see how theatre costumes are constructed versus how I would normally approach them for personal garments or cosplay. Namely, not clipping into major seam allowances and finishing major body pieces completely to allow for easier alteration later. I highly suspect the latter will start working its way into my commission workflow eventually!

Currently, I’m working on a fantasy production that’s being staged in early March. Keep an eye out for photos from that play soon!

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