Theatre Practicum: She kills monsters

Guess who’s back (back again)? With social media platforms across the board turning into flaming dumpster fires, I’m aiming to put more effort back into this website again. First off is a look at a play that I interned for in the spring of this year, She Kills Monsters! This play is heavily inspired by Dungeons and Dragons, and it was such a fun and creative production to build. Below is a very brief look at some of the pieces I made or assisted my mentor with making!

Hood for the narrator. We had a delightfully sparkly number for this one.

Bodice for the demon queen. This piece uses Super Structure Foam – one of my favorite materials to use for armor when it comes to cosplay.

The elf. The top is made from some two-tone chiffon from my fabric stash, the corset also uses Super Structure Foam, and the skirt has several layers of fabric to give her a more earthy look.

The delightfully chaotic fairy. I made her leotard and assisted with the wings and skirt.

Steve the Mage. He has several horrible deaths in this show, but this one was my favorite. I stuffed and sewed up the tear-away arms.

“River” monster. The limbs of this monster are made from dyed minky fabric and supported by pool noodles.

I’ll add more photos later if I find them! Currently, I’m working on a historical production — Tartuffe, by Moliere. We’re set to stage next week, so keep an eye out for photos of that soon!

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