My Hero Academia – Gym Uniform

Photoshoots: Lea

Completed: March 2019

Debuted: Fan Expo 2019

why this costume

Me and the Cosmic Coterie crew are big fans of My Hero Academia! It’s such a cute show and we love all the quirky kids. For one of our group builds in 2019, we decided to tackle these costumes so that we could have a comfortable, easy-to-wear costume at cons!

how i made it

In theory, this should have been a quick and easy project. Unfortunately, it wasn’t. The initial pattern we used was very poorly drafted and sized. I’m a tall, broad woman, and the pattern in my normal size was essentially a dress on me. After much redrafting, I came up with something sort of wearable, though to be frank, I’m eventually going to re-do this with one of my go-to jogger patterns – KwikSew 3678.

I approached the designs on this outfit as insets and made them the way I do all of my spandex outfits: make a quick mock-up, draw in the lines, and clean them up on paper using the mock-up as a template. Using this method, I digitized the patterns for our suits so that our team would be uniform.

The nice thing about having a uniform costume is that it’s easy to switch up characters, which is what I often do with this build! I have an Ochako wig from The Five Wits for days when I need an easy, comfortable wig, and I have a wig for Momo (styled by Victoria Bane) for days when I want to wear my best girl!

SpaceCadet’s uniform also made by me!

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