Yugiri – Zombieland Saga

Photoshoots: PhotoPersuasion

Completed: October 2019

why this costume

Late in 2018, Cosmic Coterie started getting lots of feedback from people to check out Zombieland Saga. We were on the fence at first, and then on my birthday last year, we decided to check out a few episodes and were IMMEDIATELY hooked. The show is absolutely ridiculous – a group of zombies pulled together to form an idol group? It doesn’t seem like it should work, but it’s 100% our brand of humor and we all loved it.

Initially, our plan was to knock these out for A-Kon 2019, but time got away from us, so we pushed finishing these back to Halloween time.

how i made it

This costume was pretty straightforward! We all purchased shirts from Cosplay Closet on Storenvy and made pleated skirts from satin. Our shoes are all purchased off of Amazon, and we each painted our shoes with Angelus paints to match our characters (this was arguably the most difficult part of the outfit). Rather than paint a bunch of perfect circles, I cut circles out of vinyl on my Cricut and adhered them to my shoes. Our arm socks and stockings are from We Love Colors and were chosen to match our bodypaint. My wig was styled by teammate, Victoria Bane!

Additional details and notes will be available on Cosmic Coterie’s Patreon soon!

Relevant blog posts

Coming soon!

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