Silver Millenium Senshi – Jupiter

Photoshoots: PhotoPersuasion, LemonIkon Photography

Completed: May 2019

Debuted: A-Kon 2019

why this costume

Me and the Coterie crew have eyed these outfits for a long time! We love the simple, yet elegant designs, and the airiness of the outfits was perfect for the heat of a Texas summer convention! We officially decided to go for these costumes when A-Kon invited us out as guests in 2019.

How i made it

This is a pretty straight forward build! The blouse is constructed much like a chiton with gathered sleeves and a hole cut out for the neckline. The waist is elasticized and the skirts are full circle skirts with rolled hems. We used gold thread for an extra pop of color!

The corselets are made with leather and painted with Angelus gold paints, which we also used on the shoes. We all came up with original designs for the front panel based on sketches created by Koholint!

For the center front brooches, I made models in TinkerCAD and printed them off at my work’s Makerspace. After cleaning up the prints, I cold cast the bases and used clear tinted resin for the gems.

Full details on this build will be available on Cosmic Coterie’s Patreon!

Relevant blog posts

Coming soon!

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