Sailor Pluto 3.0

Photoshoots: Koholint Cosplay

Debuted: August 2018

why this costume

The initial idea for another Pluto came from plans with Koholint (as usual lol). I sold my last Pluto a little while back, but I still had the wig and accessories. Koholint made ChibiUsa for our Outer Senshi Cosmic Coterie group in 2018, and we wanted to do more duo shoots for our Caffeine Schemes account.

The final push to make this costume came from Pinecrest Fabrics, who asked me to review their tricot, which is available on Many thanks to them for providing material that helped make this happen!

How I made it

This costume follows much of the same approach as my other fukus (tutorial available at Cosmic Coterie). There are a few small exceptions with this build, specifically with the skirts. I believe I made the switch from two circle skirts with my personal builds to three with this one. I also toyed with the angle of the hip roll on my plus-size pattern with this one, and I’m very happy with the result.

relevant blog posts

Costume Notes: Sailor Pluto 3.0

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