Lulu (FFX)

Photoshoots: Kristi Grunden Photography, Ash Snap ‘Em, Film Shooter, JFinity , Wolf’s Ink, Photogkun

Debuted: Anime North Texas 2015

Awards Won: Best Craftsmanship (ANT 2015), Best Intermediate (A-Kon 2017 Hall Contest)

why this costume

Final Fantasy X was my introduction to the FF series, and it’s held a special place in my fangirl heart for years. I logged close to 300 hours on it as a teenager, and I’m not even going to discuss how much I played it when the HD Remaster came out a little while back.

Lulu was my favorite character from the game both in terms of design and personality. She comes off as cold, but she’s so maternal and protective of Yuna, and I loved that side of her. Plus, black magic. What can I say? I like my spell casters.

how i made it

This costume is near and dear to me, in part because of the sheer amount of work and in part because of how much I love the series. It was my first time making a crinoline, making a proper corset, and I also spent a lot of time custom dyeing and creating lace. I’m very proud of the work I put into it!

My blog posts (listed below) detail my initial construction in 2015. In 2016, I updated several pieces and competed at A-Kon’s Hallway Costume Contest, where I took home Best Intermediate. In 2019, I updated several pieces again (the corset, wig, and stole were completely remade) as part of a FFX group at San Japan with some of my Cosmic Coterie teammates and our friend Mechaboy07, who made my new hair sticks and bangle.

relevant blog posts

Costume Notes: Lulu pt. 1

Costume Notes: Lulu pt. 2

Costume Notes: Lulu pt. 3

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