She-Ra (She-Ra and the Princesses of Power)

Photoshoots: Koholint Cosplay

Completed: 2020

Debuted: N/A

Why This Costume

I’ve been a fan of the new She-Ra since it first aired, but She-Ra’s original costume didn’t appeal to me. I still planned to make it and had begrudgingly started working on pieces prior to the last season, but the moment art of her new costume showed up, I completely switched my plans to make it happen.

How I Made It

I constructed the base leotard using my tried-and-true approach of mocking up a quick sample tailored to my measurements and then drawing in the new seam lines. Funny enough, the bodice is a near exact match for my fuku leotard bodice! The chest emblem was vectored by myself and is made from Sportflex adhered directly to the bodice. The butt cape is a 3/4 circle skirt lined in red tricot and sewn directly into the hip seam. The boots are a pair of base wedges repurposed from my Nana Shimura build. The base of the shoes are foam covered in vinyl and glued on.

The armor is a modified version of Sayakat Cosplay’s S5 She-Ra armor patterns. All pieces are EVA foam covered in vinyl. Gems are resin and glued to the top of the foam (some were cast by me and some were from seconds purchased from The Dangerous Ladies). The sword is a 3d printed kit from The Dangerous Ladies, finished by me!

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