Lady Dimitrescu (Resident Evil 8)

Photoshoots: PhotoPersuasion, Mehreen Rizvi, sofar_nocigar

Completed: August 2021

Debuted: Art of the Collab, DreamHaus event (Sponsored by Sleepi.Shop)

Cosplayers: Killcade, Rae.Came.To.Play, Jessscos

Why This Costume:

When the internet lost its collective mind over Lady D back in the spring of 2021, my friend and teammate, AdventTraitor, pointed out that Lady D and her daughters would be a fantastic group cosplay for Cosmic Coterie, especially since I already tower at a solid 5-6″ over the rest of the group. Well, she was right, and so I set about becoming a tall vampire lady.

How I Made It:

I wanted to keep things simple with this build, so I used Cosplay Central’s Lady Dimitrescu guide for my first run at a casual/closet version of the character and paired the accessories listed with a ruched bodycon dress I bought for Lore Olympus Persephone. This version of Lady D was for a noir shoot with Cosmic Coterie and was shot by PhotoPersuasion.

To make a more accurate version of the character, I turned to Cashmerette’s Upton dress with some light modifications. The capelet is self-drafted and the front pleating is a gathered down rectangle pressed into place on the bodice. To give myself some extra height, I wore wedge sneakers that added 4″ to my already Amazonian height. The dress is made from champagne faux dupioni.

Relevant Blog Posts & Links:

Twitter Build Thread

Yaya Han Lady Dimitrescu Video

Cosplay Central – Lady Dimitrescu guide

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