Lisa Minci (Genshin Impact)

Photoshoots: TwinBlock Photos

Completed: August 2021

Debuted: Art of the Collab, DreamHaus event (Sponsored by Sleepi.Shop)

Awards: Best in Show, Nishifest Fall 2022

Why This Costume

Lisa checks off a lot of my costuming and character sweet spots. A purple witchy librarian who loves naps? Yes, please, and thank you!

How I Made It

I have both Indigo Jingo and The Dangerous Ladies to thank for making this cosplay. I used Kirsty’s pattern and tailored it to fit my corseted measurements. A cupped corset is built into the base of this costume. I used The Dangerous Ladies’ resin kit for Lisa along with their printed fabrics for the hat lining. The resin kit was finished by me, and I put my airbrush to work to get a nice gold to match the dress trims.

I wanted a cartoonish effect for Lisa’s trims, so I used Kinpatsu Cosplay’s tutorial on foam edges and glued the foam/vinyl combination to the base dress, which is made of silk taffeta from Silk Baron. Additional details are heat transfer vinyl.

The flowers for this costume are made using SKS Props free templates and tutorials. Again, I used my airbrush as well as some regular acrylic paints to finish these off.

Relevant Blog Posts & Links

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