Human Luna (Hannah Alexander Redesign – Sailor Moon)

Photoshoots: Mehreen Rizvi

Completed: April 2021

Debuted: Art of the Collab, DreamHaus event (Sponsored by Sleepi.Shop)

Cosplayers: Wendykkuma, BlueChatterBoxCosplay

Why This Costume

Hannah Alexander’s redesign of Human Luna has been on my wishlist for quite some time. While Human Luna’s design from the 90s movie and manga is pretty, I’ve never felt a need to tackle it myself. This redesign, though, immediately went on my “to-make” list. I adored all the small nods to Luna’s character and the story, and it was a gorgeous long-term project to tackle while events were cancelled due to the pandemic.

How I Made It

The corset was made using Butterick 5935 as a base. I hand stitched puffy chiffon sleeves with high-low sleeves along with approximately 100 faux flowers. Several hundred rhinestones were hand glued to the roses as well.

The base skirt consists of black chiffon, dip-dyed gold-to-black chiffon, and Sailor Moon themed tulle. The top skirt is a wrap skirt comprised of 2 circle skirts with double fullness. This skirt is finished with 1/2″ horsehair braid and features gold-flecked velvet trim. All chiffon layers on this project have lettuce hems.

The wig was purchased second-hand from another cosplayer, and its first life was as a Nehelenia wig. After some wig rehab, including re-wefting the hairline, I made 4 new odango out of wefts and styrofoam balls. The back two odango attach with magnets so that I can use this wig for Luna or Nehelenia as necessary.

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