Student Byleth (Fire Emblem: Three Houses)

Photoshoots: TwinBlock Photos, AlphonseMedia

Completed: August 2020

Debuted: San Japan 2021

Why This Costume

I adore female Byleth in the student uniform! The pleated skirt, the cape, her headband, and her glasses are all too cute. Plus, I’ve wanted to cosplay Byleth for some time, and this outfit seemed like a good starting point.

How I Made It

I started this build prior to Indigo Jinjo‘s release of Student Byleth’s pattern, otherwise I would have just used hers! Instead, I modified her classic student uniform, making a separate white collar and drafting the pleated skirt myself. The appliques are all Sportflex made using Kirsty’s vectors. The accessories are cold cast resin from The Dangerous Ladies.

Relevant Blog Posts

Coming soon!

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