Tifa Lockhart (FFVIIR)

Photoshoots: Lutavia Cosplay, ewide

Completed: April 2020

Debuted: Fan Expo Dallas 2021

Why this costume

Tifa’s one of those character’s that’s been on my wishlist for a very long time, but I never got around to her, mostly due to body image issues. I loved her redesigned look for FFVIIR, so when COVID-19 put us in lockdown mode, I decided to use the time at home to pursue several passion projects, this design included. I opted to turn her black top into a full-length leotard for modesty and to let me wear a corset with this outfit.

How I Made It

The base leotard is a modified version of my heavily altered M7217 and is made from tricot and athletic mesh. The white top is a modified pattern from Seamwork and it’s also made from tricot, along with the black arm warmers. The skirt is self-drafted and made from a Telio garment-weight leather. Teeny skulls are sewn into the pleats!

The armor pieces are all made from EVA foam. Patterns for the bracer are from Lorentz iWood and the upper arm guard is from Liz Prism Power. The bracelet, buckles, and glove kit are all from The Dangerous Ladies and pieces were finished by me (as applicable).

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