Mami Tomoe (Madoka Magica – yukata version)

Photoshoots: Yin Yue Photo, Ash SnapEm

Completed: June 2020

Debuted: San Japan 12.5 (2021)

Why This Costume

The Cosmic Coterie crew and I have wanted to revisit Madoka cosplay for ages. After making our firsts round of yukata for Sailor Moon, we were all antsy to make more, which led to this group!

How I Made It

I made a simplified version of a yukata for Mami, as outlined on our group write-up. I had just barely enough fabric leftover to also make a matching mask and teeny-tiny kinchaku pouch to hold some accessories. The wig is re-used from my magical girl Mami costume. The hair accessories are from my Jupiter yukata and some are borrowed from Koholint. Koholint made the candied apple props, and my Bebe head piece is a 3d printed piece from The Dangerous Ladies, finished and painted by me. We also made soul gem obijime from their kits.

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