Tales from the Icepocalypse

Oh, “snow” days. Nothing takes me back to childhood more than a legitimate reason to hide out inside all day in pajamas.

My neck of the woods got hit with an ice storm that essentially shut down the DFW Metroplex. We were fortunate to be in an area that didn’t get hit with power outages, though there were several trees that cracked and broke off in the middle of our street, so we couldn’t have left even if we wanted to. Trying to walk across the street to my apartment gym was interesting. Solid sheets on the side walk. Despite years of dance training, I’m not a particularly graceful person, and I am not a skilled ice skater.

Since I had the time, I took the opportunity to knock out a few projects on my sewing to-do list. Don’t worry! More in-depth information on tutorials will be coming! There’s just too many to fit into one blog post.

Photo Dec 07, 2 46 43 PM

  • I got a jump on some early 2014 costumes. I started cutting pieces for Korra, and I got the bolt for Ms. Marvel sewn. I also made patterns for boot covers.
Ms. Marvel progress.
Ms. Marvel progress.
  • I caved and started on another pair of Tofino pants. They’re purple. And plaid. And gloriously comfy. Happiness in cotton flannel.

I also did quite a bit of reading and catching up on shows. I recently picked up Gertie’s and Colette’s beginner sewing books. I also picked up Overdressed from my library before the ice terrors began. All three are really interesting/helpful/amazing and I’ll be posting in-depth reviews on them soon!

Did anyone else get trapped in inclement weather this weekend? What did you do to cope with cabin fever?

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