Monthly Stitch Challenge: Tell me what to sew!

Ahhhh! Is March really going to be here next week? I feel like I’ve barely wrapped my head around February. Pics for my February pants challenge will be up soon, I promise! I’m going to try to get some decent photos and not cell phone shots.

For those of you who’ve recently started following this blog (welcome!), I participate in the Monthly Stitch. It’s a fun way to try out new sewing challenges every month and share them with the online community. March’s challenge is based around pattern stashbusting, but there’s a twist: you guys get to decide which of the following patterns I have to make!

I’m in major prep mode for All-Con (3 weeks and counting), so I won’t get around to making this garment until the end of the month, but that’ll give me an excuse to indulge in some fabric shopping.

I’m focusing on tops for March. I’ve managed to make a couple of decent skirts and dresses, but I’m still sorely lacking in work-appropriate blouses.

Here are the contenders:

From left to right: Taffy Blouse, Renfrew top, and Alma Blouse.
From left to right: Taffy Blouse, Renfrew top, and Alma Blouse.

1. Sewaholic Alma Blouse (furthest on the right)

I initially purchased this pattern as a base for a Pokemon trainer cosplay, but it’s too pretty to just use it for that. This blouse would be a great compliment many of the skirts and trousers I already own. I have a black poly blend that would work for this, but it’d also be cute in something more springy. Maybe a floral print?

2. Sewaholic Renfrew Top (center)

A basic knit t-shirt pattern. Can you guys believe that I don’t have a single basic white t-shirt in my closet? Insane. I have a fair amount of jersey knit in my stash that would work for view B. I really like view C as well, but I need the right fabric. Maybe a light blue?

3. Colette Taffy Blouse (pictured on the left)

Another pattern I want to make from the Colette Sewing Handbook. I like the sheer fabric in this photo. I’m not sure this would look very good on me, though :-/ I have really broad shoulders, so I might look like a giant bird of prey.

Bonus (because I can’t narrow it down to 3 patterns): Colette Sorbetto (not pictured)

A free pattern from Colette! I really like this blouse. Very simple, but there are so many ways to dress it up. I’d probably add cap sleeves so that I can wear it to work sans cardigan in the summer.

So those are my picks. Which one do you guys want to see me make? Either fill out the poll or answer in the comments 🙂 I’ll take a tally and post the results next Friday!

9 thoughts on “Monthly Stitch Challenge: Tell me what to sew!

  1. Great wardrobe builders. I just completed the Renfrew and LOVE it, but I voted for the Alma. Looking forward to seeing what you sew.

  2. Honestly, I almost went with the Sorbetto. I have that pattern and haven’t made it yet, but it’s such a great basic for work. (Note to self…need to pull that pattern from my stash and get busy.) I went with the Alma. It looks to be a great basic with simple details added for fit and style. Just like it. Have fun which ever you sew.

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