December Monthly Stitch: A Kupo-tastic Hoodie

Kupo! I was super excited to see this month's Monthly Stitch theme: geek out! I've been thinking about making a moogle hoodie for a while, and this was the perfect opportunity. My boyfriend also mentioned that he'd like a Final Fantasy themed hoodie, so of course I went into WE MUST HAVE MATCHING THINGS mode. … Continue reading December Monthly Stitch: A Kupo-tastic Hoodie

August Challenge: More like Captain Marvel-ous!

The Basics: Pattern: Simplicity 1606 bodice and Sewaholic Cambie skirt, view AFabric: 1.5 yds of blue cotton sateen (stash), 1/2 yd red cotton sateen, 1/2 yd gold charmeuse (stash), 1 yd of cotton muslinAlterations: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Lots.Notions: Zipper. Cording for piping, harvested from pre-purchased piping in my stash (because I hate myself). Make it again?: Not likely. I love it and will definitely make … Continue reading August Challenge: More like Captain Marvel-ous!

WIP Wednesday: July Edition

Apparently my cosplays are actually agents of Hydra. Every time I knock one out, three more spawn in its place. Here's a quick look at what I'm *hoping* to have finished out in the next few weeks. Fingers crossed that I don't get roped into twelve more 0_oSailor Jupiter: This has taken far more time than is … Continue reading WIP Wednesday: July Edition

June Challenge: Hello Bombshell!

Say hello to the last project I sewed up before moving! June was Indie Pattern Month, so I decided to go with an indie company that I'd never used before: Closet Case Files. I purchased the Bombshell pattern last summer, but never got around to it. I'm kind of glad that I didn't, since I … Continue reading June Challenge: Hello Bombshell!

March Monthly Stitch (the first): Renfrew-itis

It seems you guys share my love of Sewaholic patterns. When I put up my choices for March, I underestimated the blogosphere's love of the Renfrew top. The Alma blouse beat out the Renfrew for this month's challenge by 1 vote! So I decided to make both, and I totally get the adulation now. The … Continue reading March Monthly Stitch (the first): Renfrew-itis

Monthly Stitch Challenge: Tell me what to sew!

Ahhhh! Is March really going to be here next week? I feel like I've barely wrapped my head around February. Pics for my February pants challenge will be up soon, I promise! I'm going to try to get some decent photos and not cell phone shots. For those of you who've recently started following this … Continue reading Monthly Stitch Challenge: Tell me what to sew!

(Belated) January Monthly Stitch: Lapped Zipper

Oh, this skirt. It started off so, so well. I was so excited to have a skirt to post to the Monthly Stitch Collective. And on time! This month's theme was "New Year, New Skill". My primary new skill with this skirt was to install a lapped zipper, which turned out okay. My problem was … Continue reading (Belated) January Monthly Stitch: Lapped Zipper

HELP! Pencil skirt crisis

All right, I need some help, guys. I've been working on a pencil skirt from Gertie's book for my Monthly Stitch project (my new skill for the month is inserting a lapped zipper). I love this skirt (I finished it over the weekend), but I have one problem: somewhere along the way, I nicked a … Continue reading HELP! Pencil skirt crisis

Cambie #4: The Instruction/Conference Dress

I have a confession: this dress and blog post have been complete for about two weeks now, but this is the first opportunity I've had to take pictures. Oops. Anyway, say hello to Cambie #4! Or, a dress I can wear to places other than cons. I made this dress as part of my garment … Continue reading Cambie #4: The Instruction/Conference Dress