Totoro Kigurumi

New year, new makes! I actually finished this make at the very, very end of 2015. I think I finished it 2 days before Christmas, and that was with the intent of wearing it to (what I thought would be) a cold Christmas with the beau's family. So why an adult size onesie? Well, I … Continue reading Totoro Kigurumi

December Monthly Stitch: A Kupo-tastic Hoodie

Kupo! I was super excited to see this month's Monthly Stitch theme: geek out! I've been thinking about making a moogle hoodie for a while, and this was the perfect opportunity. My boyfriend also mentioned that he'd like a Final Fantasy themed hoodie, so of course I went into WE MUST HAVE MATCHING THINGS mode. … Continue reading December Monthly Stitch: A Kupo-tastic Hoodie