(Belated) January Monthly Stitch: Lapped Zipper

Oh, this skirt. It started off so, so well. I was so excited to have a skirt to post to the Monthly Stitch Collective. And on time!

This month’s theme was “New Year, New Skill”. My primary new skill with this skirt was to install a lapped zipper, which turned out okay.


My problem was that when everything was said and done, I nicked a small hole in the center front of the skirt. Ugh. More on that after the pics.

Quick aside: Have you guys heard of Scruffy Badger? Well, she’s awesome. I discovered her via Tasia’s blog, when she posted a bunch of Renfrew tops with wigs. I am ashamed that as a cosplayer, I did not think of this. So have some pencil skirt with my Rogue wig and corset. Because why not? (Corset by Castle Corsetry, BTW. I absolutely love this thing)

So... pretty sure I just figured out what I'm wearing to the Nerdlesque show at All-Con.
So… pretty sure I just figured out what I’m wearing to the Nerdlesque show at All-Con.
Back view.

The Basics: 

Pattern: Pencil skirt from Gertie’s first book

Fabric: 1 1/8 yds of grey Italian grey wool suiting blend. It’s the same stuff as my Cambie work dress.

Alterations: A few fit alterations and added horizontal pleats, inspired by Colette’s Pastille dress.

Time: I honestly have no clue. Those pleats took freaking forever.

Notions: Zipper, button, bias tape

Make it again? Yes, though I think I’ll go for a bold color. I’d love to try some of the alterations mentioned in the book, like lining it and adding boning to the waistband.

Favorite parts: Overall fit, the waistband, and the pleats.

Other thoughts:

After I had a minor freak out upon discovering the nicked spot on the front of the skirt, I decided to iron some interfacing over the hole and add horizontal pleats (inspired by Colette’s Pastille dress).

By the way, thank you everyone for the wonderful ideas! I thought that adding the pleats would be the easiest and most time efficient options. Ha! Oops. The Pastille dress is actually on my to-make list, so I’ll keep that in mind when I do get around to making it.

I like the overall look of the pleats (even if they took a million years), but it brought the skirt up a little shorter than I would have liked. Still work appropriate, but I don’t think the super high waistband really works as well. More than likely I’ll wear tops untucked with this skirt.

2014-02-06 17.45.19 HDR
Close up of the pleats. My apartment has terrible overhead lighting. Sorry.

The back also looks a little odd. The Pastille dress has an invisible zipper and no slit as far as I can tell. I’m decided to just tack it down and move on with life. I’ll have to see how much it bugs me when I wear it to work. On to the next challenge: trousers!

HELP! Pencil skirt crisis

All right, I need some help, guys. I’ve been working on a pencil skirt from Gertie’s book for my Monthly Stitch project (my new skill for the month is inserting a lapped zipper). I love this skirt (I finished it over the weekend), but I have one problem: somewhere along the way, I nicked a tiny hole in the front center of the skirt about 6″ from the bottom of the hem. I need some help on how to fix this, because I can’t stomach the idea of tossing this project.

Out! Out damned spot!

I have two ideas on how to fix this so far:

  1. Cut the length off and make a shorter skirt. Doable, but not quite what I’m going for.
  2. Use a contrasting fabric below the nick. I have some black fabric that might be a possibility.
Original length for reference. It falls about 2″ below the knees.

What are your thoughts?

With contrasting fabric. I’m not entirely sure what this fabric is, but it feels like some sort of poly blend.
Contrasting fabric full-length view.
pencil skirt
Rolled to just below the nicked spot. It’s still an okay length for work, but I’d definitely have to wear tights or leggings.

Gah, I hate making stupid mistakes. Any other suggestions are welcome.

P.S. Just a heads-up, but I’ll likely be changing the name of this blog within the next few weeks. I’m just waiting on a few things to go through before I make the switch.