(Belated) January Monthly Stitch: Lapped Zipper

Oh, this skirt. It started off so, so well. I was so excited to have a skirt to post to the Monthly Stitch Collective. And on time! This month's theme was "New Year, New Skill". My primary new skill with this skirt was to install a lapped zipper, which turned out okay. My problem was … Continue reading (Belated) January Monthly Stitch: Lapped Zipper

HELP! Pencil skirt crisis

All right, I need some help, guys. I've been working on a pencil skirt from Gertie's book for my Monthly Stitch project (my new skill for the month is inserting a lapped zipper). I love this skirt (I finished it over the weekend), but I have one problem: somewhere along the way, I nicked a … Continue reading HELP! Pencil skirt crisis