Cosplay: 2015 Goals

2015 collage
Top row: Captain Marvel, Vanessa, Zatanna, Margaret. Bottom row: Lulu, NoFlutter Jupiter, Hanie Mohd’s Wonder Woman, She-Hulk.

Happy New Year! I hope you all had a safe and enjoyable holiday.

If you follow me on social media, you’ve probably seen a few of my 2015 hopeful makes. I like to make my cosplay list pretty far in advance, since I also have to take my full-time job, commissions, and funds into account. After some fiddling and scheduling, I’ve pretty much decided on my 2015 lineup:

Captain Marvel: I fell really hard for Carol Danvers this year. It started with my stashbusting make of Ms. Marvel. I didn’t know much about her prior to making that costume, so I barrelled through several trades of her solo title and various Avengers runs, which then lead me to Captain Marvel. I basically devoured the 2012 run by Deconnick and have (mostly) kept up with the 2014 run. I adore Carol’s new attire and knew I had to make it. I’m currently at about 70% completion on this costume. I still need to alter the gloves, make a more accurate sash, make some flames, and style the wig. I’m also super excited to work with Chaks Productions and Kevin Dale to make a CM’s hip ornament and helmet, respectively. This costume should be ready for Fan Days in February 🙂

captain marvel

Vanessa: I adore the Little Mermaid. It was one of my favorite Disney cartoons as a kid. I’ve wanted to make a corset for quite a while, and thought Vanessa (Ursula in human form) would be the perfect project. Also, I already have a wig, so… win 🙂 I’m hoping to have this one complete for All-Con in March.

Zatanna: This is one of those situations where I just really want to do a cool cosplay with friends. I’m not a die hard Zatanna fan, but my friends over at Gone Catawampus are putting together a Gotham Girls group and Zatanna was the best choice for me given the time frame (seriously, I have every weekend in May booked ALREADY. Lame). Still, I’m looking forward to an awesome group with some great friends! This costume will be for Dallas Fan Expo in May.

Margaret from Persona: I started playing Persona 4 this year and LOVED it. It combines some of my favorite elements from JRPGS and it’s basically a dating sim. I debated on which character I wanted to cosplay (Chie is basically my spirit animal), but then one of my friends asked if I’d do Margaret to complete a Velvet Room sibling group. I’m pretty excited to get started on this costume! Now to find quilted blue fabric… 😛 This will be for A-Kon in June.

Lulu from Final Fantasy X: I’ve put this one off long enough. I feel like I’m finally ready to tackle it. I’m purposefully putting this costume later in the year so that I can work on it between my other projects. And raid all the thrift stores for all the belts. Expect to see several updates throughout the year! I’m hoping to have her complete for Anime Fest in September.

NoFlutter Sailor Jupiter: I adore NoFlutter’s beautiful artwork of the Sailor Senshi. Kind of steampunk, kind of fetish, all over gorgeous. I jumped at the opportunity to cosplay Jupiter since I can use several pieces of my old costumes to cut down on costs. I even have leftover satin for the bustle skirt! This one will be for Anime Fest in September.

Wonder Woman or She-Hulk: I haven’t decided on which of these costumes I want to complete. It depends mostly on time and funds. If I go Wonder Woman, I’m planning to make Hanie Mohd‘s gorgeous version. It’s super cute and combines a lot of my favorite costume elements (corsets, giant poofy skirts, Wonder Woman). She-Hulk is a recent addition to my favorite female comic characters, and I’d love the opportunity to play with body paint. One (or maybe both?) of these costumes will be for the October Dallas Comic Con event.

Obviously, these costumes aren’t set in stone, but they’re pretty likely to happen. I’m pretty pleased with the mix of materials and skills I’ll have to learn. I have a few other costumes on my hopeful list for charity events (I’d love to finally get an application together for the 501st!), but again, we’ll have to see how time and funds play out.

What are your costume goals for 2015?

16 thoughts on “Cosplay: 2015 Goals

  1. I’ve been wanting to dress as that Wonder Woman, or, make it for my sister (its her FAVORITE character)!
    I can’t wait to see what this year has in store for your cosplay know how!

  2. These are great! Oh, I have way too many plans…I’m going to do Wonder Woman #600 sometime this year, but currently I’m working on BladeCraft Orianna from LEague of Legends and Mikasa from Attack on Titan and I’m also doing a genderbent Adventure Time cosplay together with my boyfriend. ^^

    1. That’s so exciting! Margaret definitely doesn’t get enough love. Though I understand why. So freaking hard to find decent blue quilted fabric! Can’t wait to see yours 🙂

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