Life According to Instagram: February 2015

Hello, March! Here are a couple of Instagram highlights from last month.

February Instagram

1. I finished Captain Marvel and entered her into the costume contest. I’m still shocked that I won Best in Show! I was so nervous and jittery in my post-contest interview 😛 Unfortunately, weather this month hasn’t been cooperative, so I still haven’t done a proper photo shoot. Hopefully that will happen in March!

2. One of my favorite photos from Fan Days. Cosplay is serious business, m’kay?

3. I’ve neglected my non-cosplay sewing recently, so I indulged in this fun crafty fabric for a random project. I’m hoping to turn it into a craft apron soon!

4. My poor pup dealt with the trauma of being neutered. I think he looks kind of adorable and forlorn in his cone of shame. It’s off now, and he’s back to full-energy!

5. My main project for February was Belle. The corset has been a fun challenge. It’s been a while since I took on such a time and attention-intensive project, and I’ve really enjoyed it.

6. I could only make it out to Fan Days for one day, and as a result missed out on the dealer’s room. Fortunately, my friends had me covered and snagged me these two fantastic prints!

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2 thoughts on “Life According to Instagram: February 2015

  1. I NEED to work on my SDCC cosplays…I’m going to be dumb and not start til June at the rate I’m going, but I really want to start now and space it out! Your Belle came out beautifully!

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