WIP: April 2015

Man, I regret saying that things have been slow the last few months, because April was insane!

Fun fact: According to the DC Wiki, Kate is 5’10”. Yay for cosplaying tall ladies! 😀

Batwoman: 85% complete

My big personal project this month was Batwoman. I managed to knock out the bodysuit, belt, gloves, and I nearly finished cape. I’m planning to re-style my Ariel wig for this costume and use my Captain Marvel boots (sans gold buttons, of course). All that’s left to finish this costume is finishing the last bit of the cape (hopefully tonight), picking up my mask, putting everything on the belt, washing my wig, and figuring out how I want to handle my makeup. I’m inclined to go with the white face makeup the more I read her comics. I’m very excited to debut this at Fan Expo in May with my friends’ Gotham Girls group!

I also picked up some Lulu figures. Because... research?
I also picked up some Lulu figures. Because… research?

Lulu: 5%/Research and Gathering

Slowly but surely, I’m creeping up on start time for Lulu. Six weeks and counting! I had hoped to tweak my moogle plush and knock out another to-do this month. I bought it while I was in Japan for a summer study abroad stint back in college, so I thought it’d be a cool (and simple) way to incorporate a fun travel memento into my costume. But the more I looked at my moogle, the more I realized that it’s far too small in proportion to my body. It’s only 9″ tall and Lulu’s is basically the length of her upper torso, which on me translates to about 18″. I did some research and found a few Simplicity patterns for teddy bears that I plan to alter for my costume. Should be an interesting experience!

I’m also sourcing more swatches for Lulu’s base dress and hunting for Venice lace to supplement the embroidery designs. And taking donations for belts :P.

Nananananananana… Bat-ladies!


These took up the bulk of my craft time this month. Several members of the Gotham Girls group asked me to make their bodysuits. All of these suits are variations on Kwik Sew 3052.

Mia’s Batgirl is made from black stretch vinyl, purple milliskin, and yellow milliskin for the logo. The Spoiler is made from purple milliskin. Callula Cosplay’s Huntress is made from black and white stretch vinyl, and the side panels on the top are made from black athletic mesh and purple milliskin. I still need to make the hood and cape for Spoiler. Hopefully this weekend!

Oops, only photo I have of the Ms. Marvel commission. Derp.

I also did a couple of smaller commissions this month, including adding the gold lightning bolt logo to a purchased leotard for a Ms. Marvel, tweaking Taffeta’s Squirrel Girl so that it has a scoop neck instead of a turtleneck, and several other minor alterations.

Overall, I’m pretty happy with the progress I made this month. May is going to be a very busy month for me both in terms of crafting and events, so having the Gotham group projects pretty much done makes life much easier!

What’s on your craft table right now?

4 thoughts on “WIP: April 2015

  1. All these projects looks great! Can’t wait to see the final Batwoman all put together. Definitely sounds like you’ll be a busy gal for awhile!

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