Eternal Sailor Moon

Photoshoots: ChezPhoto

Debuted: Katsucon 2019

Why this costume

I’ve wanted to make an Eternal fuku for quite some time so that I could experiment with my approach to them prior to offering Eternal fukus to clients. Sailor Moon’s Eternal fuku from the manga is by and far my favorite design from the Stars arc, so making hers was the obvious choice for me!

How I made it

This fuku follows many of the same steps as my previous fukus (detailed in the Cosmic Coterie tutorial), with some notable exceptions: I doubled up on the leotard layer and altered the neckline to adhere to the reference image, and I used three circle skirts in each layer for maximum fluff.

Full details and my thought process can be found in the relevant blog posts (linked below).

Relevant Blog posts

Costume Notes: Eternal Sailor Moon

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