Rogue Legacy Costume

Estimated completion: October 2012

Hours spent: 30~

Worn at: Dallas Fan Days 2012

Why this costume: Rogue has been one of my favorite X-Men for years (see: since I stumbled across the Fox cartoon as a kid). I considered going with the hunter green costume with the cape, but after some searching through clearance dress patterns, opted to go with the Legacy costume.

Note: I owe a huge debt of gratitude to my stepmom for this costume. She’s an amazing seamstress with close to 20 years of experience and taught me *so* much by guiding me through this process.

How I made this costume:

The dress: Modified version of a McCall’s pattern (I’ll dig it up and post it later). For the design we used, we nixed the zipper in the back and put a long white one in the front, sewing on the edge of the zipper so that we didn’t have to add extra white trim. We also shortened up the dress to mid-thigh. The white trim and designs are the same fabric as the green.

The leggings: McCall’s leggings pattern. I used a deep green crushed velvet knit that’s super, super comfortable. The pattern calls for an elastic waistband, but I made a drawstring instead.

Boot covers: This is one of the final pieces of the costume I worked on. It’s another modified McCall’s pattern made from the same fabric as the dress. Craft foam is sewn into the top part of the boots to keep them stiff and interfacing ironed onto inside. My calves are bulkier than the pattern design, so we sewed in a strip of green (leftover from the dress) on the back to accommodate. I wore these over a pair of magical matching hunter green flats I found at Target.

The accessories: Some of these were super simple, and some were… difficult. I ordered a set of hunter green satin gloves off ebay. The scarf is cut from the same fabric as the white trim. The belt is leftover white fabric wrapped around a pirate costume belt. The X on the belt is made from leftover legging and white fabric. The side bag is one of my favorite accessories for this costume. It’s made from leftover white with interfacing and has a small piece of cardboard in the bottom to keep it from buckling. I picked up a long brown wig and a platinum blonde wig to create the two-tone look of Rogue’s bangs.

Thoughts on this costume: This is the first costume I really prepared for and put time into, and I’m pretty pleased with the results. The design of the dress is very flattering and overall, it’s pretty comfortable. I might even revisit this dress and make it for my day job.

I’m planning to wear this costume to a couple of cons, and once I have a bit more time to devote to this, I’ll do some revisions, including buying a new wig.

Rogue Legacy Costume

4 thoughts on “Rogue Legacy Costume

  1. Hi there! Love your costume, was wondering what dress pattern did you use and what fabric? I’m looking to make my own for Halloween, and I am a little lost at where to begin. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. 🙂

    1. Hi Cher! I used McCall’s M6028 pattern, but it took a lot of modifications. If you can, I’d go pick a stretch-friendly pattern and use spandex. It looks truer to the comic book and you won’t have quite as many fit issues (I couldn’t lift my arms more than a few inches since I used a non-stretch fabric). Kwik Sew has a lot of great active-wear patterns and Spandex World is my go-to spandex resource if you don’t have a local supplier.

      The spandex applique on this costume is a little challenging, since it requires a fair amount of precision and patience. If you go that route, I’d recommend taking a look at this tutorial: I use it for a lot of my appliques, and it’s super helpful.

      Hope that helps! Feel free to ask if you have any other questions.

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