Codex: The Guild

Completed: October 2012

Hours Spent: 1-2?

Worn at: TRF and Halloween 2012

Why This Costume: I’ve been watching The Guild for a couple of years now and I love me some Felicia Day! Do You Want to Date My Avatar seemed like a good enough to wear this.

How I Made It: I ordered this one from due to time constraints. I got the wig there as well. I made the earrings and necklace from some faux gemstones and copper wire.

The primary reason I’m including this costume on here is because of the staff. My props friend Matrix made a fantastic replica of Codex’s that really pulled this costume together (also, great for supporting me after too much walking/meade). He’s got notes on it here.

Thoughts on this costume: Comfortable, but not the most flattering costume. When I have time, I’ll probably re-make the dress and use a real corset. It was fun to see how many people recognized this costume at TRF.

Off to TRF!
Off to TRF!

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