Avatar: The Legend of Korra (Season 1 version)

Completed: May 2012

Hours Spent: 10~

Worn at: A-Kon 23

Why this costume: I was a late convert to the original Avatar series, but once I started watching, I was hooked (at some point, I want to make a costume as one of the original characters). I was super excited when I heard they were coming out with the new series, especially one that featured a badass girl avatar.

How I made this costume: I created the top using a muslin from an old workout tank. The neck of the top is held up with craft foam. The gauntlets are scraps of leftover fabric and the arm band is molded plastic with some design, courtesy of another costuming friend. I found the pants at Wal-Mart for pretty cheap and just tucked those into a pair of boots I already had. The pelt is some clearance faux leather I found at Hancock. I just cut it to look like a pelt and sewed some fur trim on it, then tucked it into my pants. I used a couple strips of dark blue knit fabric for her front flap and drawstring.

Thoughts on this costume: I really like the idea of this costume, but I definitely did not give myself enough time for this, especially with it being one of my first costumes and attempts at sewing (I finished this one in the hotel a few minutes before walking to the con). I’m planning to revisit this costume for a future con. I’ll go back to the pelt, shorten it, do a better job of sewing on the trim, and create a drawstring for it (I held it in place by tucking it into my pants and fastening it with safety pins. Not a good idea for bathroom breaks). I’ll have to go back and start over on the top, preferably with a pattern this time. I’ll also dedicate more time to the accessories for a more complete look.

Unfortunately, I can’t find any pictures of this costume. If I find some, I’ll post them just for the reminder of how terrible it was, lol. Always keeps pics of your first cosplay! It’s a great motivator to see how far you’ve come.

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