Costume Notes: Book 2 Korra

Completed: March 2014 Hours Spent: ...we're not going to talk about that. Debuted: All-Con 2014 Why This Costume: My first cosplay was the Book 1 version of Korra. Now that I've been sewing for a few years, I wanted to revisit the costume and make a better version of it. I like the Book 2 design more than … Continue reading Costume Notes: Book 2 Korra

Avatar: The Legend of Korra (Season 1 version)

Completed: May 2012 Hours Spent: 10~ Worn at: A-Kon 23 Why this costume: I was a late convert to the original Avatar series, but once I started watching, I was hooked (at some point, I want to make a costume as one of the original characters). I was super excited when I heard they were coming … Continue reading Avatar: The Legend of Korra (Season 1 version)