Costume Notes: Book 2 Korra

Even Avatars need coffee.
Even Avatars need coffee.

Completed: March 2014

Hours Spent: …we’re not going to talk about that.

Debuted: All-Con 2014

Why This Costume: My first cosplay was the Book 1 version of Korra. Now that I’ve been sewing for a few years, I wanted to revisit the costume and make a better version of it. I like the Book 2 design more than the Book 1 version, so… yeah.

How I made it: This costume is a mix of refurbished old pieces and new pieces.

The top is made from Simplicity 5098, which is out of print. I managed to find one in my size on Etsy. The only modification I made was to swap the front pieces around. Everything is a cotton jersey. For the trim around the front and collar, I took a long strip of fabric on the cross-grain and treated it like bias tape. Machine stitching wasn’t really working out for me with the snap tape enclosure, so I finished it off by hand. I didn’t hem the top since I underestimated the final length. Not really a big deal since it’s a knit and I tucked it into the top anyway. I wish I would have added princess seams. Eh, live and learn.

Cozy, cozy knits.
Cozy, cozy knits.

The arm warmers are my favorite piece of this costume. I snagged the pattern from Smarmy Clothes a few months ago and added 6″ to the total length in addition to the color blocking.

The belt and front flap were quickie projects that I figured out by playing with my tape measure. The “pelt”, pants, and boots are all taken from my first Korra. I neatened up the pelt from my first go and added a casing for the belt. With the pants, I added elastic to the base so that I would get more of a poof. I attached the front flap to the pants with a strip of velcro on the inside of the waistband. For the boots, I attached faux fur with heat-n-bond velcro. I ❤ velcro, guys.

Hooray, PVC pipe.
Hooray, PVC pipe and velcro!

I didn’t use a wig with this costume, which has been one of my big holdups. I don’t really like my natural hair for this costume, but I have had a horrid time trying to style my ponytail wig. I need to figure that nonsense out so I can make Sailor Jupiter! The front hair pieces are thread spools and the top hair piece is a bit of PVC pipe and craft foam.

Thoughts on this costume: Ugh, where to even start with this? This costume has cost me a lot of mental energy. I had everything except the hair pieces done back in December. I had this huge hangup about making the quality of this costume since my first version was super terrible. Throw that in with massive fan frustration over season 2 and I nearly trashed it several times.

When I finally left for the con, I realized how dumb I was being about it. The costume is perfectly fine and very comfortable. Several people at the con responded positively and the pics I got from Neither Noir look great. I’m still frustrated with Korra (partially because I’m so biased to the first Avatar series), so I don’t know how much I’ll wind up wearing this costume, but I think it turned out okay in the end. More pics of this costume and others are on my Facebook page!

Photo by Neither Noir.
Water bend all the things! Photo by Neither Noir.

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