Some weekend progress

I accidentally got on a sewing roll yesterday. The BF is obsessed with beating Titan on hard mode in FF14 (meanwhile, I’m all “LOOK AT THE CUTE THINGS MY LALAFELL CAN DO!”), which gave me lots of time to sew. I made progress on several things.

Blue satin Cambie: The BF and I have a very fancy wedding to attend in a few days. I knew I had some blue satin sitting unused in my fabric stash and decided to turn it into a Cambie rather than spend money on yet another dress I’ll never wear again. I finished most of the dress in October, so I *only* had to hem the main skirt. Stupid circle skirts. But it gave me the chance use Gertie’s circle skirt hem tutorial. Love it! Very time consuming, but highly effective. It took me about 2.5 hours, but no bubbles at all! Wish I could say the same for the lining.

Blue satin cambie

Belle’s blue village dress: I did some work on the base dress. Spoiler alert: it’s another Cambie. I may have a problem… Anyway, this project is turning out to be an exercise in patience and a reminder to take time and plan projects rather than go cut happy. When I first tried working on this dress, I mucked up some measurements and wound up with too little fabric. I resigned the project to the failure bin, but fortunately I found additional fabric to fix it. There’s been a lot of seam-ripping in the last 48 hours. If all goes well, I plan to have it finished for Austin Comic Con in a few weeks.

Tofino shorts: I cut the pieces for my test run Tofino shorts from leftover Belle fabric. I’m making this project without the piping or the drawstring, so I expect it to come together pretty quickly. I might try to finish it this week or next.

All in all, a good run! Anyone else do some crafting this weekend?

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