Velma (Scooby Doo)

Completed: October 2013

Hours Spent: 1, if you count online shopping

Debuted: Halloween 2013

Why this costume: I wanted to wear something to work for Halloween, but I couldn’t decide what. One of my coworkers told me she had a Scooby Doo costume, so I decided to finally make Velma, who’s pretty much the perfect choice for a librarian.

How I made this costume: Closet costuming/cosplay at its finest. I wanted to be able to wear the pieces of this costume for other things, so I shopped with that in mind. I’ve actually worn the top, skirt, and shoes for work and/or casual wear multiple times (thingsItellmyselfsoIdon’tfeelguiltyshopping). The sweater and skirt (love) were eBay finds. I got the knee socks from We Love Colors, and I already had the red shoes from my Rockabilly Wonder Woman costume. The wig was also an eBay find, something in the range of $15. I already wear glasses, so I just went with those.

Thoughts on this costume: Fun and comfy work-appropriate costume. I had to teach workshops all day, so I didn’t want to be fiddling with anything. While I like the sweater top, I wish I had either made something myself or gone with something more baggy. I don’t think this particular sweater is very flattering on me when paired with this skirt. If I wear this costume again, I’ll make a “sweater” from the Renfrew top pattern. Students got a kick out of it though, which was fun 🙂

velma and scooby

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