Fandom Friday: Geeky Fashion Must-haves + Gateway Fandoms!

fandom-5-fridayThe Nerdy Girlie and SuperSpaceChick put together another fantastic link-up: Fandom Friday! I’ve been looking for an opportunity to share some of my non-sewing interests with you guys, and I love this idea. It’s a great way to share some of the influences on my crafts!

Today, let’s talk about the geeky fashion I need to have in my life.

Photos courtesy of their respective websites (linked below).

1. Sailor Moon corset from Castle Corsetry. Honestly, I could live in Lauren’s corsets. I’ve talked about my Rogue corset before, and it’s phenomenal. I still really want her geeky print corsets as well as her House Targaryen corset, but this one is definitely going on my birthday wishlist. It’s absolutely gorgeous!

2. Geeky print leggingsI wear a lot of tunics and dresses with leggings, so I’d love to incorporate more geeky print leggings in my wardrobe, like these Disney villains leggings from Black Milk.

3. Rogue t-shirtSome days, spandex isn’t appealing, but I still want to sport my favorite X-lady. I’d love to have one of these for casual con days or just running to the comic book shop!

4. Moogle hoodie. Moogles are adorable. End of story. I’d love a moogle hoodie to run around in on those con days that I just don’t feel like getting in full costume. I’ve only seen moogle hoodies for sale on this site (I so wish CholyKnight still sold these! I want one of hers!), but I think I’d like to make one myself for more customized options. I think that might be my sewing challenge for next month!

5. Comic book shoes. Hnnnn… Love these shoes. There are lots of options to DIY them if you’re on a budget, but I think I might purchase some off of etsy since I can’t stand the idea of destroying my comics 😛 I want some Captain Marvel ones!

Rogue and Sailor Jupiter photos by Aperture Ashley.
Rogue and Sailor Jupiter photos by Aperture Ashley. Wonder Woman logo from vmitchell85 on DeviantArt.

And just a bonus since I missed last week, my top five gateway fandoms!

1. X-Men: The Animated Series: I watched this show religiously as a kid. Every Saturday morning! This show is what initially drew me into comics and my favorite X-Lady, Rogue!

2. The Harper Hall of Pern: Definitely my favorite fantasy series growing up. I picked up a collected copy of the Harper Hall of Pern from a garage sale that I still have to this day. The spine has completely fallen off, but I love the stories so much that I can’t stand the thought of parting with it!

3. Sailor Moon: Another childhood Saturday morning staple! I watched the original dub on TV when it came to the U.S. I stopped watching anime for a brief period following college (trying to do this whole “grown up” thing), but immediately fell back in when I heard about Sailor Moon Crystal.

4. Star Wars: My nerdiness is in part due to my father, who introduced me to Star Wars at a very young age. It’s tradition around my home to watch all of the original movies each Christmas, and when the new movies came out, my dad even pulled us out of school to go watch them. In hindsight, not the best decision. Still, Star Wars!

5. Final Fantasy X: One of my first video game loves. I played this game for the first time at 16(?) and was obsessed. I logged around 300 hours of game time through multiple plays. I’m currently playing through the remastered version and trying to get all the International content!

Bonus: Wonder Woman. To be perfectly honest, I’m not the biggest fan of the Wonder Woman comics (exception for George Perez’s runs). I haven’t touched her New 52 run, though I need to get over that at some point. For me, Wonder Woman embodies what I aspire to be: strong, courageous, smart, etc. I can’t remember a time that I didn’t love Wonder Woman.

Are you participating in Fandom Friday? Please share if you are!

19 thoughts on “Fandom Friday: Geeky Fashion Must-haves + Gateway Fandoms!

  1. I LOVE the moogle hoodie!!! And yay I love that Final Fantasy X is on this list! I played it when I was like in 3rd or 4th grade… I’m still playing it now thanks to the remaster!! 😀


    1. Right? I’m so obsessed with Choly Knight’s moogle hoodie. I’m already sketching up my version.

      Isn’t the remaster awesome? Though I’m still questioning how in the world Lulu is supposed to walk in that insane skirt of belts. Oh impractical character design…

  2. EEeee Moogle hoodie! So adorable. I wonder if you could modify a white hoodie to make your own? I’d like to make my daughter a Moogle winter hat one year. 😀

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