Costume Notes: Lulu pt. 2

Welcome back! This week I'm sharing more details on my Lulu build, which I debuted at Anime North Texas last weekend. In my last post, I talked mostly about the upper half of the costume, so this week I'll be getting into the lower half of this build. Skirt and sleeves: There's a lot of debate … Continue reading Costume Notes: Lulu pt. 2

Belle’s Village Dress (Beauty and the Beast)

Completed: November 2013 Hours Spent: 17ish (including seam ripping hell) Worn at: Austin Comic Con Why This Costume: I love Belle’s nerdiness. She’s one of my favorite Disney princesses. Beauty and the Beast was constantly on in my household as a child, beat out only by The Little Mermaid. Shortly after making my Star Wars … Continue reading Belle’s Village Dress (Beauty and the Beast)