Costume Notes: Super Sailor Jupiter

Completed: July 2016 Hours Spent: Eh... probably 40 hours start to finish Debuted: AMA-Con 2016 Why This Costume: It should be apparent by now that Sailor Jupiter is by far my favorite senshi. I knew immediately after joining the Luxe Dolls that I wanted to make a version of Sailor Jupiter for myself, even before I was cast … Continue reading Costume Notes: Super Sailor Jupiter

Costume Notes: Mistress 9 (Sailor Moon)

So... long time no see. Apologies for yet another belated absence. I won't bore y'all with a bunch of silly details. The long and short is that I've been creatively drained for a while and felt the need to step back. I feel mostly recharged, and I'm looking forward to getting back into content creation! … Continue reading Costume Notes: Mistress 9 (Sailor Moon)

Costume Notes: Princess Jupiter

Completed: November 2014 Hours Spent: App. 20 hours Debuted: Anime North Texas 2014 Why This Costume: I covered my love of Jupiter in my Sailor Jupiter post. I adore the princess versions of the scouts in the manga and artbook, so when my friend Ohheyabear Cosplay said she wanted to cosplay princesses together, I jumped … Continue reading Costume Notes: Princess Jupiter

Costume Notes: Sailor Jupiter

Completed: August 2014 Hours Spent: No freaking clue. With my previous attempts... Maybe 40 hours? Debuted: Anime-Fest 2014 Why This Costume: I think every Moonie has that one sailor scout that they identify hardcore with. Jupiter was that senshi for me. I won't go too in-depth here, because my fangirl love of Jupiter is absolutely absurd and … Continue reading Costume Notes: Sailor Jupiter

WIP Wednesday: July Edition

Apparently my cosplays are actually agents of Hydra. Every time I knock one out, three more spawn in its place. Here's a quick look at what I'm *hoping* to have finished out in the next few weeks. Fingers crossed that I don't get roped into twelve more 0_oSailor Jupiter: This has taken far more time than is … Continue reading WIP Wednesday: July Edition