Costume Notes: Belle’s Town Dress (Provincial Life)

Photographer Credits: Mehreen Rizvi Completed: April 2018 Hours Spent: 40-ish Debuted: Dallas Fan Expo Why This Costume: If it isn't totally obvious yet, Belle has been my favorite Disney princess forever! As I went into this year, I knew that I needed a few simpler and, more importantly, comfortable costumes for chill con days as well as … Continue reading Costume Notes: Belle’s Town Dress (Provincial Life)

Costume Notes: Sailor Uranus

Photographer Credits: Mehreen Rizvi   Completed: April 2018 Hours Spent: 25-ish Debuted: Fan Expo Dallas Why This Costume: Space Cadet Cosplay and I have talked about making Sailor Uranus and Neptune since before either of us joined Cosmic Coterie. Late last year, our teammate Victoria Bane mentioned she wanted to make a new Sailor Pluto, then AdventTraitor … Continue reading Costume Notes: Sailor Uranus

Costume Notes: Casual Rogue

Photographer Credits: Mehreen Rizvi Photography Completed: 2016 Hours Spent: 5 Debuted: Fan Days 2017 Why This Costume: For a long time, I've said that I need more geek chic outfits for chill and judging days at conventions. When I was asked to judge at Fan Days last fall, I was stumped on what to wear. I wanted to be comfortable, … Continue reading Costume Notes: Casual Rogue

Costume Notes: DAN Yusuke Kitagawa (P5 )

 Completed: August 2017 Hours Spent: Under 5 Debuted: A-Fest 2017 Why This Costume: P5 took over my life in 2017. I love everything about this absurd game, and I'm so glad I was able to drag Koholint into fandom hell with me. AdventTraitor Cosplay is also a huge fan of the game, and we decided to be … Continue reading Costume Notes: DAN Yusuke Kitagawa (P5 )

Guest Post: Rosette Christopher by Koholint Cosplay

Header photo BTSEPhoto Hey folks! Today I'm doing something a little different. My cosplay partner-in-crime Koholint wrote an extensive breakdown of how she constructed her Rosette from Chrono Crusade for a costume contest last year. She doesn't have a blog, so I'm sharing her notes over here! Be sure to check out her social media … Continue reading Guest Post: Rosette Christopher by Koholint Cosplay

Costume Notes: Makoto Nijima (Persona 5)

Photographer Credits: Ash Snap 'Em Completed:  Summer Uniform: June 2017 Winter Uniform: November 2017 Hours Spent: 20-ish Debuted: Summer Uniform: AX 2017 Winter Uniform: Technically not yet? I've only worn it for a photoshoot. Why This Costume: I've been interested in Persona 5 ever since Atlus started teasing its release. When the concept art came … Continue reading Costume Notes: Makoto Nijima (Persona 5)

Costume Notes: Cornelia li Britannia (Code Geass)

Photographer Credits:  Ash Snap 'Em Completed: October 2017 Hours Spent: Approximately 50 Why This Costume: Koholint Cosplay and I have this habit of dragging each other into various fandom hells. She nailed my cosplay type so hard with this one, and then surprised me by buying me season one. I started watching, got hooked, and now I'll … Continue reading Costume Notes: Cornelia li Britannia (Code Geass)

Costume Notes: Grandma Rick (Rick and Morty)

Photographer Credits:  Yogomi Completed: April 2017 Hours Spent: Maybe 5? Debuted: Dallas Fan Expo 2017 Why This Costume: One thing I'm terrible about making is comfortable costumes. Most of my builds are meant to be show pieces, so when I was approached to judge the contest at Fan Expo earlier this year, I knew I wanted to put … Continue reading Costume Notes: Grandma Rick (Rick and Morty)

Madoka Magica: Madoka’s Petticoat & Skirt

Almost as soon as Cosmic Coterie officially decided to tackle Madoka Magica for our big build this year, Koholint and I started brainstorming Madoka. We split the labor so that Koho took the upper half of Madoka and I took the lower half. I've followed several Madoka cosplayers over the years, and I was absurdly … Continue reading Madoka Magica: Madoka’s Petticoat & Skirt

Costume Notes: Mami (Madoka Magica)

Photographer Credits:  AshSnapEm Photography Mehreen Rizvi Photography ACCosplay Completed: May 2017 Hours Spent: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I kept track up until April, when A-Kon told us our group was too big to compete. After that I stopped caring. Debuted: A-Kon 2017 Why This Costume: When the Cosmic Coterie crew decided to make Madoka as our major group build this year, … Continue reading Costume Notes: Mami (Madoka Magica)