Spandex 101: The Basics

Pull up a chair, grab some coffee, and let's chat about spandex. Spandex is an amazing fabric for both cosplay and everyday wear. It's amazing for any project that needs a bit of stretch, whether you're looking to turn yourself into a superhero or make a pair of sexy yoga pants. Just to be upfront, … Continue reading Spandex 101: The Basics

Costume Notes: Deadpool

Whoooo!!!! 100 posts! Deadpool gives tacos to all of you!!! Completed: October 2014 Hours Spent: Close to 30 hours Debuted: Dallas Fan Days 2014 Why This Costume: This costume is actually my second full-fledged commission and first time sewing for a guy. One of my old friends contacted me back in late August saying he … Continue reading Costume Notes: Deadpool

Costume Notes: Sailor Jupiter

Completed: August 2014 Hours Spent: No freaking clue. With my previous attempts... Maybe 40 hours? Debuted: Anime-Fest 2014 Why This Costume: I think every Moonie has that one sailor scout that they identify hardcore with. Jupiter was that senshi for me. I won't go too in-depth here, because my fangirl love of Jupiter is absolutely absurd and … Continue reading Costume Notes: Sailor Jupiter

Costume Notes: Ms. Marvel

Completed: May 2014 Hours Spent: 10~12~ Debuted: Dallas Comic Con 2014 Why This Costume: This costume started out as a stashbusting project. I had a little over a yard of black spandex that I got from Spandex World last year as well as some gold spandex. The easiest and most obvious answer was to make a Ms. Marvel costume! … Continue reading Costume Notes: Ms. Marvel