Guest Post: Rosette Christopher by Koholint Cosplay

Header photo BTSEPhoto Hey folks! Today I'm doing something a little different. My cosplay partner-in-crime Koholint wrote an extensive breakdown of how she constructed her Rosette from Chrono Crusade for a costume contest last year. She doesn't have a blog, so I'm sharing her notes over here! Be sure to check out her social media … Continue reading Guest Post: Rosette Christopher by Koholint Cosplay

Costume Notes: Makoto Nijima (Persona 5)

Photographer Credits: Ash Snap 'Em Completed:  Summer Uniform: June 2017 Winter Uniform: November 2017 Hours Spent: 20-ish Debuted: Summer Uniform: AX 2017 Winter Uniform: Technically not yet? I've only worn it for a photoshoot. Why This Costume: I've been interested in Persona 5 ever since Atlus started teasing its release. When the concept art came … Continue reading Costume Notes: Makoto Nijima (Persona 5)

Costume Notes: Cornelia li Britannia (Code Geass)

Photographer Credits:  Ash Snap 'Em Completed: October 2017 Hours Spent: Approximately 50 Why This Costume: Koholint Cosplay and I have this habit of dragging each other into various fandom hells. She nailed my cosplay type so hard with this one, and then surprised me by buying me season one. I started watching, got hooked, and now I'll … Continue reading Costume Notes: Cornelia li Britannia (Code Geass)

Costume Notes: Grandma Rick (Rick and Morty)

Photographer Credits:  Yogomi Completed: April 2017 Hours Spent: Maybe 5? Debuted: Dallas Fan Expo 2017 Why This Costume: One thing I'm terrible about making is comfortable costumes. Most of my builds are meant to be show pieces, so when I was approached to judge the contest at Fan Expo earlier this year, I knew I wanted to put … Continue reading Costume Notes: Grandma Rick (Rick and Morty)

Madoka Magica: Madoka’s Petticoat & Skirt

Almost as soon as Cosmic Coterie officially decided to tackle Madoka Magica for our big build this year, Koholint and I started brainstorming Madoka. We split the labor so that Koho took the upper half of Madoka and I took the lower half. I've followed several Madoka cosplayers over the years, and I was absurdly … Continue reading Madoka Magica: Madoka’s Petticoat & Skirt

Costume Notes: Mami (Madoka Magica)

Photographer Credits:  AshSnapEm Photography Mehreen Rizvi Photography ACCosplay Completed: May 2017 Hours Spent: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I kept track up until April, when A-Kon told us our group was too big to compete. After that I stopped caring. Debuted: A-Kon 2017 Why This Costume: When the Cosmic Coterie crew decided to make Madoka as our major group build this year, … Continue reading Costume Notes: Mami (Madoka Magica)

Commission Notes: Super Sailor Moon

Completed: February 2017 Hours Spent: About 40 hours How I made it: I know, I know. ANOTHER FUKU. I keep promising myself/y'all that I'm going to cool it with these, but apparently they're becoming one of my staples. For a long time I told myself I wouldn't take Super Moon commissions since I definitely prefer the gradient dyeing … Continue reading Commission Notes: Super Sailor Moon

Nightmares and Drill Curls

I recently knocked out the first major portion of my Mami cosplay: the CRAZY ASS WIG! This wig was such a steep learning curve. Part of the reason I specifically chose Mami for our Coterie build (aside from her adorable design and the fact she's my favorite Madoka character) was because I wanted to flex … Continue reading Nightmares and Drill Curls

Costume Notes: Super and Regular Sailor Pluto

Completed: October 2016 Hours Spent: Approximately 30 Debuted: Anime North Texas Why This Costume: After A-Fest, the Cosmic Coterie crew decided we wanted to switch up our fukus a bit and decided we wanted to go Super! Our affiliates expressed interest in joining us to have a full set of senshi again, so I offered to take the role of … Continue reading Costume Notes: Super and Regular Sailor Pluto

10 Essential Tips for First Time Commissioners

1. Be brutally honest with yourself: Before starting commissions, you absolutely need to ask yourself the following questions: What am I willing to do? Are you good with wigs? What about foam? Or resin? Or leather? The idea here is to ask yourself what type of work you excel at and emphasize it. For example, … Continue reading 10 Essential Tips for First Time Commissioners